Mindshare Notes and Tasks Organizer:

Ruby on Rails End User. Teamwork, collaboration application.

- Create and organize Notes and many Tasks and for any purpose.

- Create hierarchy of Categories.

- Search, view Tasks Due, track creators of notes, tasks.

Principles: Easy to navigate, fun to use.


Signup Screen

Login Screen

Login Success

New Category

New Category added.

Adding Sub-Categories

Category Details view shows current category as well as Parent - Hyperlink direct to Parent.

Clicking on Categories: ALL displays what we have so far.

Clicking on ā€œCā€ shows the same...but C's only!

After adding a note, the count is updated...

Add a New Note to a Category. (Description is TEXT 656636 characters in MySQL)

Added OK.

Add a Task to a Note.

Task Added OK.

Clicking on Tasks Due.

Task Details shows Note (parent) as well as Category (grandparent) info with direct links to each.

(Category hyperlink is light green since mouse is over during snapshot)